Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's in a blog?

So welcome to the first day of my new blog. I'll be writing here about pretty much whatever comes to me - which is, I know, not the recipe for commercial or critical success in the blogosphere,( if that word's not soooo Web 1.0 - but then, so am I really, eschewing as I do both applications in the cloud, and twittering when I shit.) From what I can make out, the sure-fire way to attract an online following is to pick some obscure niche - the more obscure the better - and blog about it and nothing else in excruciating detail. Devoting any of my time to writing about Nike Air Max's in the 1995-1996 model year is not on the cards, though.

Instead, I'm going to be - boringly, writing about writing, largely. This'll be a diary of the progress of a novel I'm writing, and more interestingly, the ways in which I avoid actually working on it. So - list time - you'll also find me blogging about:
  • A year surfing in New Zealand's deep south,
  • My '73 VW, the places it takes me, my mechanical disasters and associated mental scars,
  • Feeding my face, and if I remember, maybe the kids, too
  • The continued cycling career of a dismally failed road racer, still sadly besotted
  • Any/all other business - things I find funny, sad, pathetic. Hopefully more of the former.

Basically, this is a diary of a sojourn in Otago where I plan to write, explore, raise my kids and maybe come out of it a little wiser. As you'll find out tomorrow, that shouldn't be too hard.


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