Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Head down...

I had a long day the other day - I did a good day on the novel, took my time over a blog posting, and investigated various stuff on the internet around with the business of being a writer - by which I mean other outlets for writing that I might or might not pursue at some point in the future.  By the end of the day I was almost depressed:  there's so many opportunities that one could pursue that it's almost impossible to sift out the good from the dross.

It did do me a favour, though - I realised just how long I could spend attempting to get a handle on what other people do or don't do, the whole web content thing.  The novel will have to come first, second and last until it's completed.

So I've been cracking on at a reasonable, though not startling rate.  A horrible storm helped keep me indoors and focused, then I got frustrated.  M wife and I have also realised just how much we're missing Taranaki.  After a childhood as an army brat and having been on the move most of my life, it's quite odd to find there yes, there is a place I'd like to call home.  We've been plotting and planning how we're going to go back, and importantly, how to have the most fantastic time we can while we're in the South Island.

And I had a fantastic time today:  Murderers finally turned on, for the first time since we've been here.  Right now I have noodle arms and pumped up thighs, and I'm still seeing that little triangular section in front of me as I raced that last wave.  My backhand's still mostly missing in action after nearly four years with my pick of lefts, but it was nice to get it together and have a magic moment.


ginaswriting said...

Just wanted to say good luck with your novel. I understand the agonies and joys of writing.

Si said...

Thanks Gina - good luck with your novelle. I wouldn't mind if the joy and the agony got served in equal measure a bit more often!

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