Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfect waves...

The great run of surf has continued - more waves out down towards Brighton today.  The peaks were shifting a bit, so I got a good workout out of it, as well as a couple of lil' bombs.  My backhand still feels like it's permanently in panic / survival mode, and I'm waiting for it to loosen up miraculously of its own accord.  What might help is that I've resolved to lose some weight - I'm probably carrying 5kg more than I really could do - so I've decided I'm going to cut bread from my diet and not eat anything between meals except fruit.  I've been trying to avoid empty calories at mealtimes too.  Basically, I'm trying to do all the things I kid myself that I do do, but don't.  I'm trying to cycle more  - I know from past experience it's great for losing a couple of the pounds that are hardest to shift, also fantastic cardio-vascular training for being in the water.  I did 50k on Sunday morning in 1h40, the fastest I've been over that kind of distance in a little while, so I'm not riding too shabbily.  I've also been quite good about keeping up with my core exercises and yoga regimen - the prospect of coming on here and confessing I've dropped the ball is a great motivator.

So hopefully that works for tomorrow as far as the writing's concerned, because I had a slow day today.  I got a little bit done at the weekend, but the overall feeling was one of swimming through treacle. For one reason or another I've been feeling low, and maybe that's why I've been so focused on exercise, as a way of fighting it.  Not getting my words in for the day doesn't help, so tomorrow I'd better fight a bit harder for them.




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